Leslee Frumin


Leslee Frumin, a bead and metal artist from San Juan Capistrano, California teaches off-loom bead weaving as well as metal/jewelry techniques.  She has been teaching for a number of years and truly enjoys it.

Leslee's passion for all the colors and textures made possible by the marriage between beads, metals and stones keeps her excited.  She fabricates clasps and connectors and often sets semi-precious stones to enhance the design.  Her art jewelry pieces are one of a kind.  Leslee has won awards for some of her combination bead and metal projects.

To learn more about Leslee, see her website at http://www.lesleefrumin.com.

Leslee Frumin - Designer of the year 2014

Leslee's Gallery

Below is just a sample of some of her beadwork. Please visit Leslee's website for more beautiful jewelry and shopping at http://www.lesleefrumin.com.

Pyramid Necklace

Pyramid Pendant has a Swarovski square chessboard flat back in stacks of squares.  Links of squares create the chain and clasp.

Visit Leslee's website.

Galaxy Bracelet

Peyote band using brick beads that have a seamless connection.

Visit Leslee's website.

Treasure Chain

Treasure chain is a bead woven chain and a Treasure charm inspired by watch fobs.

Visit Leslee's website.

Next Steps...

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