Kim Stathis

Through out my life, I have always needed a creative outlet. I have played with many different types of media’s and loved them all. The media that really captured my heart and inspired my creative soul is seedbeads! There is just something alluring and special about those little bits of colored glass that I cannot resist. I love the challenge of designing with seedbeads using off-loom techniques. So many colors, textures and shapes! So many ways to express yourself with beads.

I been teaching my designs nationally for the past thirteen years. It is my hope that students will be inspired by what they have learned in class and continue to do beadwork and enjoy it as much as I do.

My designs have been published in the Bead and Button magazine and in Larks Showcase 500 Jewelry Book.

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Kim's Gallery

Kim offers a range of workshops. Most workshops are project oriented and students will study the techniques necessary to complete the appointed design. Currently Zoom classes are also available. These focus on the creative process and the development of technical and design skills rather than a specific project. Below you will find the photos and description of all the workshops currently scheduled to be taught. For more details on dates, times and registration, please visit Kim’s website.

Below is just a sample of some of her beadwork. Please visit Kim's website for more beautiful jewelry and shopping at

Circular Pathways


Pearls and crystals stitched over the surface of the pendant add texture and sparkle.The pendant hangs from two herringbone straps and attaches to a central component of beadwork using pearls for a bit of elegance.A slip over the head pearl necklace strap constructed using right angle weave with top embellishments complete the necklace.

Skill Level - Advanced

Winter Halo Bracelet

A winter halo, is a phenomenon that usually appears in conjunction with a full moon. It looks like a whitish ring, about 10 to 20 times the size of the moon, surrounding the moon. It is caused by the reflection of light from the full moon on the ice crystals floating in the clouds.Once in a while, if you are really lucky, a double halo can be seen surrounding the moon.

Winter Halo bracelet features large pearls surrounded by double halos created using Herringbone stitch.The Halos attach to peyote platforms embellished with crystals for light emitting sparkle.The bracelet band is made with peyote stitch and embellished with pearls.The closure for the bracelet is a bead slide Clasp.

Skill Level – Advanced

Moroccan Lantern Necklace

Moroccan lanterns are some of the most beautiful lanterns in the world.The shapes of the lanterns along with metal cut outs, metal filigrees and sparkling colored bits of glass make Moroccan lanterns exquisite works of art.The inspiration for the necklace pendant comes from Moroccan lanterns. The pendant is made up of a center post of beadwork surrounded by beaded arches, crystals, pearls and capped off with crystal domes.Chenille stitch is used to create the necklace rope.Each end of the necklace rope has an embellished beadwork cap that holds a crystal dome.The necklace rope attaches to the pendant with multiple inter-linked loops of ladder stitch.

Skill Level - Advanced

Stitches used for this project - Peyote stitch and Chenille stitch

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